Everyone knows about Himachal Pradesh as one of the prime destination for tourists and also called the land of god and goddess and due to this people call it Dev Bhoomi too.

But there are various other interesting things about Himachal which are very less known about Himachal Pradesh. So, today we decided to share few of the less know facts about Himachal Pradesh which we are sure you all will like and appreciate.

  1. Himachal Pradesh; where 90% people live in villages, is having a literacy rate of 83.85%

    7 less known facts about Himachal Pradesh_Image 1

  2. The economy of Himachal Pradesh is currently the 3rd fastest growing economy in India

    growing economy

  3. Shimla Kalka toy train and The Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu are the world heritage sites.

    Shimla Kalka toy train

  4. Himachal Pradesh had been ranked fourth in the list of the highest per capita incomes in Indian states.

    highest per capita incomes

  5. Malana is one of the oldest Democracy in the world.

    Malana Himachal Pradesh

  6. Pragpur in Kangra District is listed as World Heritage Village

    Pragpur in Kangra District
    Image Source

  7. Manali-Leh National Highway is the highest motorable road in the world.

    Manali-Leh National Highway

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