dharampur kasauli road


The condition of the 10-km range of the Dharampur-Kasauli road, which attached to the Kasauli, has a lack in the timely repair and improvement.Since the Public Works Department (PWD) send a plan to the Ministry of Tourism to establishing funds for its restoration and maintenance under its improvement scheme.

Daily driver Manish Kumar said, “A visitor cannot travel even 50 metres without facing potholes that were growing day by day. Drivers are encountering the uneven wear and tear of their transports and the people who are travelling through private vehicles said that tyres were wearing away within no time.

Rash digging on both sides of the roads at several places by the builders had conquered the road to a dirty, potholes house lacking any substantial changes.This situation forced the passengers to use the second Dharampur-Sanawar Road and travelling on the Dharampur-Kasauli Road has become a motorist’s dilemma.

Since several crucial institutions like a Court, Central Research Institute, Tehsil were located at Kasauli and a large number of people daily travel on this road, plus hundreds of tourists who often grumbled about the poor roads. PWD executive engineer Ashwani Gupta told that they were expecting of receiving fund worth Rs 16.76 crore from the Ministry of Tourism.