Indira Gandhi Medical College


The state Government is planning to introduce, (PSA) pressure swing adsorption, to give high-speed and reliable healthcare facilities to the patients.

Health Minister Kaul Singh Thakur said in a meeting with senior officers of the department to explore the chances of establishing PSA technology in the health institutions of the State.

Initially, this technology would be added in few major hospitals of the State on a trial basis and if this experiment became successful than it would be introduced in other hospitals as well.

The Health Minister mentioned that the supply of oxygen for IGMC Shimla are provided through the transportation from the oxygen plants established at Padhar in District Mandi that is in high cost besides consumption of time.

Sometimes supply face problems during rainy and snow seasons and also due to certain technical failures as well So, after the introduction of this technology, continuous supply of oxygen would be assured at low cost.

Principal, IGMC Dr. S.S. Kaushal, Special Secretary Health Nandita Gupta, Dr. D.S. Gurung, Director Health Services, And technical officials of the department were also present at the meeting.