Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh launched this project at Dharamsala in Kangra district, Rotavirus drops was given to the children aged under five years.This vaccine will help in controlling the deaths amongst infants due to Diarrhea.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said, “It is a good initiative to help control the worst water-borne disease (Diarrhea) which is the cause of about 13 % deaths.”

He also mentioned that it is a matter of pride that Himachal Pradesh became the first state in the country to be selected for the launch of this project, and this project will be soon introduced in Vellore in Karnataka and Pune in Maharashtra State also with the technical assistance of International Clinical Epidemiological Network.

About Rotavirus – The Rotavirus is a group of double-stranded RNA virus in the family Reoviridae. The most common agent of moderate-to-severe diarrhea (MSD) among children below 11 months age group.

Transmission– The virus spreads from person to person due to bacterial and parasitic agents that are transmitted by contaminated food and water.

Impact on Health– It causes gastroenteritis after it damages the cells that line the small intestine and causes gastroenteritis.