Kotla village was burned up in a massive fire


The fire damaged Kotla villagers have asked the support from the state government for their rehabilitation.

The entire village was burned up in a massive fire on November 15, 2015. After the instance took place administration has set up temporary shelters for villagers and the school was also temporarily repaired.

The community kitchen was set up for the people and Kullu Kar Sewa also organised the langar for the village for a couple of weeks.The district administration contributed free ration for two months to the affected families.

Dola Singh Mahant Former panchayat president said the main doors of the temples would be constructed in February after asking approval from the deity. Goods worth crores of rupees had perished in the devastating fire.

He said that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, Mandi MP Ramswaroop Sharma, Governor Acharya Devvrat, Ayurveda and Cooperative Minister Karan Singh, Leader of the Opposition Prof PK Dhumal, and many other leaders of different parties and associations visited the village to support the fire victims.

He further mentioned that many individuals and organisations had come ahead to grant relief to the victims. He added that the trash near the temple deity of Bada Chhamahu Devta and neighbouring temples of Dhamni Chhamahu, Bhauni Devta was removed and a ‘puja’ would be performed soon.